Ep. 214 - We Could Be Weird

This week, Jon has been fired.

Cody, Casey, and Dave host the first of a new series of shows that ends up being pretty much the same show as is typical. Also, nobody tell Jon he's been fired.

Show Notes:

00:00 - Cold Open

05:54 - Jon's Voicemail

08:09 - What Day is This?: National Near-Miss Day

18:46 - What Have You Been Up To?: Rabbit fights, working at home, playing games, concert-going, cons, audiobooking, working, etc.

26:32 - Fruitwards: Shabby Robots

33:54 - Improv Game of the Week: Alphabet Game

43:13 - Casey's Words of Wisdom



Ep. 202 - 2016: The Baker's Top 10

Best scenes of 2016s:

(11 - The Cabana Boy Murder)

10 - Dave Builds a House

9 - Vader's Poor Investment Advice

8 - Titanic Romance

7 - Army vs. Navy

6 - Aversion Therapy

5 - Face Smashers

4 - Making Friends

3 - 1940s Cell Phone

2 - Drunk New Choice

1 - Isotope Man and Plutonium Boy



Ep. 201 - Hella Festive, Bro

This week the annual studio Christmas party is interrupted by a grisly murder and Jon, Cody, and Dave must investigate with a little help from some... friends? Also, turkey wraps!

Show Notes:

00:00:00 - Murder!

00:06:02 - Interrogation?

00:26:11 - Appearances!

00:37:52 - Investigation?

00:50:53 - Exposed!

01:15:38 - Finale?



Ep. 200 - It Was a Cold Summer, 1984

This week we are joined by Greg the Great who learns an important lesson about the nature of boats, Jon doesn't like the sound of his voice, Cody eats something he shouldn't have, and Dave is deeply crazy. Also, Hmm...



Ep. 198 - The Weather Tower

This week Jon has to leave his body, Dave has only his limited squishy human brain, and Cody rages about different kinds of apples. Also, this episode is the least edited episode yet!