Welcome to Wasting ALL the Time!

Episode 156 - Snappin' Necks

This week Jon is a literal anus, Cody defies gravity, Dave has had traffic, and special guest Jay is back to sell George Lazenby! Also, by no means go over the banking info!

Show Notes:

0:00:00 - Cold Open

0:02:55 - What Day is This?: National Create a Vacuum Day

0:07:05 - What Have You Been Up To?: Romeo & Juliet, D&D, Drowning Man Productions legitimacy/intimacy, audiobooking, audiobooking, and audiobooking!

0:16:13 - Fruitwards: "Figurative Martial Arts" and "Insufficient Spies"

0:24:29 - Improv Game of the Week: Voices From Heaven

0:47:38 - Cody's Words of Wisdom

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