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Episode 180 - Nuclear Man IV: The Nuclearing

This week the guys do a "one-eighty" on the episode and go back-to-front! Jon asks for cell phone courtesy, Cody is showing you his generosity, and Dave would love to be your little sunshine! Also, F- means you don't get another shot.

Show Notes:

00:00 - Easter Egg

01:18 - Wrap-Up

02:18 - What's Weird in the World?: Pet Resort Exorcism

10:57 - Questionnaise: from Gary (in Natomas [Master of Divinity]), Will, and Will

20:17 - Listener Suggested Scenes: Cinema Cell Phones from Greg and 9 Year Old Movie Stars from Matt!

30:11 - Rapid Twitterball Shins of Twitter Rapidity!

34:55 - What Day is This?: National Chili Dog Day

41:08 - Introduction

44:25 - Cold Open

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