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Episode 282 - That Makes Sense (It Has To)

This week Dave is playing first fiddle, Cody makes executive decisions, and Jon returns to the world of Build-a-Bear. Also, wuh-sweered?!

Show Notes:

00:10 - Cold Open

03:42 - Twittershins Rapidballs

07:40 - What Day Is This?: National Coloring Book Day

16:33 - Fings Wut Got Sent Us:

  • Listener Suggested Scene: "As I always say..." from Will and "Janitor talk" from Grego T Great

30:30 - CONTACT US!

31:43 - Remember the 90s?

34:15 - What's Weird in the World?: Pay Your Age

48:18 - The Jonologue: Keychains


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