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This week Cody is fired, Sarah is selling home shopping networks, Dave listens to salacious nature sounds, Kameron is related to a Santa in Manteca, and Jon wrangles the talent. Also, if everyone jumped off a cliff... does that make it true? #Dadvice

Best scenes of 2016s:

(11 - The Cabana Boy Murder)

10 - Dave Builds a House

9 - Vader's Poor Investment Advice

8 - Titanic Romance

7 - Army vs. Navy

6 - Aversion Therapy

5 - Face Smashers

4 - Making Friends

3 - 1940s Cell Phone

2 - Drunk New Choice

1 - Isotope Man and Plutonium Boy

This week the boys are settling in for a long Winter's studio party when they were rudely interrupted by a man with great name recognition. They are forced to abandon their own plans for a death-defying evening of shenanigans and whatnot! Also, "I am draMATically handsome!"

This week Sarah Henshaw legitimizes our entire operation by being a guest. She's a professional potlucker, Jon is ripped from the womb before he's ready, Dave eats blood tamales, and Cody just shoe-horns it in. Also, it's a ball... Get it? Right?