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In these special Best Of episodes Jon, Dave, and Cody count down the top ten scenes of twenty eighteens, as voted on by our listening audience! In the first part, they listen to a Patreon thank you song and count down scenes 10 through 6. In the second part, they listen to a Patreon thank you song, count down scenes 5 through 1, and welcome a brand new Patron to the fold (with another thank you song)!

Happy New Year and thank you so much for listening. We're six years into this crazy thing and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Best scenes of 2016s:

(11 - The Cabana Boy Murder)

10 - Dave Builds a House

9 - Vader's Poor Investment Advice

8 - Titanic Romance

7 - Army vs. Navy

6 - Aversion Therapy

5 - Face Smashers

4 - Making Friends

3 - 1940s Cell Phone

2 - Drunk New Choice

1 - Isotope Man and Plutonium Boy

This week the guys take a look back at what the listeners decided were the best scenes of the year. It's a top-ten countdown to the new year with lots of laughs! If it can be said that 2015 was a big year, it would stand to reason that Wasting ALL the Time - A Podcast was part of that bigness. Go team! Also, let's try to convince Jon that cults can have a big following.