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This is a special overflow bonus episode consisting of a Fruitwards scene cut out of Ep. 163 - Mr. Gravy Canes. The episode was going long on time so here is what you missed. Enjoy! Dave opens a gift shop, Jon wants some nasty spoons, Jenni has a cough, and Cody has a bruised neck. Also, forks!

It's another bonus episode with some Twittershins and a Listener Suggested Scene! Jon nails the sh*t out of his presentation, Dave cautions against the "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" fallacy, and Cody was kinda hoping to avoid that fork. Also, can you un-invite someone to a podcast once they've already done over a hundred episodes?

A couple of scenes we trimmed from Episode 7 proper due to time constraints. Mickey Mouse's dark secret about who does his stunts is at last revealed, and a frat boy ends up on the wrong side of the dating game. Also... well, actually, that's about it.