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Episode 275 - Power Man Lives & Never Lies

This week Cody wants to play strip solitaire, Brent wants you to charge $10M, Dave is not Dutch, Casey explains the mechanics of golden tickets, Jon is Power Man again, and Emily chimes in for the crucial moments. Also good luck. Moms suck, sooooo............



Episode 274 - The Bottleneck

This week Dave doesn't get to use his angry dad face, Brent wants to complete his tasks, Jon wants to use swords, Casey is on the river's side now, and Cody's car is a MESS. Also, tickle a mockingbird!



Episode 218 - Stone Cold Busted

This week Brent is stone cold busted, Dave is confused by his computer, and Cody conspicted Brent. Also, Jon took a shortcut and made a big discovery but who cares. Also also, find out how the hell you grow!



Ep. 202 - 2016: The Baker's Top 10

Best scenes of 2016s:

(11 - The Cabana Boy Murder)

10 - Dave Builds a House

9 - Vader's Poor Investment Advice

8 - Titanic Romance

7 - Army vs. Navy

6 - Aversion Therapy

5 - Face Smashers

4 - Making Friends

3 - 1940s Cell Phone

2 - Drunk New Choice

1 - Isotope Man and Plutonium Boy



Ep. 201 - Hella Festive, Bro

This week the annual studio Christmas party is interrupted by a grisly murder and Jon, Cody, and Dave must investigate with a little help from some... friends? Also, turkey wraps!

Show Notes:

00:00:00 - Murder!

00:06:02 - Interrogation?

00:26:11 - Appearances!

00:37:52 - Investigation?

00:50:53 - Exposed!

01:15:38 - Finale?



Episode 150 - Festivus Interruptus

This week the boys are settling in for a long Winter's studio party when they were rudely interrupted by a man with great name recognition. They are forced to abandon their own plans for a death-defying evening of shenanigans and whatnot! Also, "I am draMATically handsome!"