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This week Jacob Keller joins us on the show to talk about his upcoming short film "Super" and to play some improv games with us. Jon tries to justify the clown paintings, Cody objects to the funkiness, and Dave is a mermaid. Also, FUNK FUNK!

Best scenes of 2016s:

(11 - The Cabana Boy Murder)

10 - Dave Builds a House

9 - Vader's Poor Investment Advice

8 - Titanic Romance

7 - Army vs. Navy

6 - Aversion Therapy

5 - Face Smashers

4 - Making Friends

3 - 1940s Cell Phone

2 - Drunk New Choice

1 - Isotope Man and Plutonium Boy

This week, Jon takes a break and chaos reigns! Jenni & Casey fill in only to run laps and beat Dave up, an unruly Harrison Ford makes filming difficult, and a trash collector, a gymnist and a hair stylist can deal with any situation. Also, spicy balls?!