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In these special Best Of episodes Jon, Dave, and Cody count down the top ten scenes of twenty eighteens, as voted on by our listening audience! In the first part, they listen to a Patreon thank you song and count down scenes 10 through 6. In the second part, they listen to a Patreon thank you song, count down scenes 5 through 1, and welcome a brand new Patron to the fold (with another thank you song)!

Happy New Year and thank you so much for listening. We're six years into this crazy thing and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

LIVE - Non-Euclidean

On this very special live recording of Wasting ALL the Time, the guys learn about elevated turtles, lunar diseases, dinosaur hugs, a couple of Tonys, Candyland, crates of kitties, spicy Jedi, weird sausages, and a whole lot more.

This week Jon sits down to chat with writer, actor, producer, director, and all around genius, Rodderick "Roddy" Bodkins. Roddy will be writing, producing, and starring in a six-week festival showcasing one-man-productions of the complete works of William Shakespeare. Some names, dates, characters, lines of dialog, and plots may have been changed in order to bring the imperfect into a new understanding via the duality of the two parts, that being of conflict. At least, that's what Roddy says...

This week the annual studio Christmas party is interrupted by a grisly murder and Jon, Cody, and Dave must investigate with a little help from some... friends? Also, turkey wraps!

Show Notes:

00:00:00 - Murder!

00:06:02 - Interrogation?

00:26:11 - Appearances!

00:37:52 - Investigation?

00:50:53 - Exposed!

01:15:38 - Finale?