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This week Will Reed returns to the podcast. He's trying out a new cereal, Cody has been playing Pokemon GO, Dave makes the jokes, and Jon tries to negotiate a Myrlin "infusion." Also we take life extra serious so our beverage consumers can take life less seriously.

This week the boys are settling in for a long Winter's studio party when they were rudely interrupted by a man with great name recognition. They are forced to abandon their own plans for a death-defying evening of shenanigans and whatnot! Also, "I am draMATically handsome!"

This week it's a full house! Will yells a lot, Dave reads a sentence that is an affront to Mankind, Cody can't feel his tongue no longer, Kristen shares her experiences from the Dagobah System, and Jon gives some critical advice to Lydia. Also, oral comma abuse.

This week Jon wants to know if lightning strikes the clock-tower, Cody was just trying to have a little fun in the middle of the day, Will is like a visionary, and Dave most certainly did NOT get the memo. Also, INCREDIBLE!