David Paterson (Green episodes) is Producer and Co-Host for the show. When he’s not making podcasts, he is a singer, civil servant, and avid listener of other podcasts. David received a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Theory & Composition from Sac State in 2011. Sometimes he puts those skills to work for the podcast by recording theme songs, segment jingles, thank you songs for the listeners, or incidental music to enhance a scene. David is the more curmudgeonly member of the trio and he often insists on taking the fun and mystery out of things by imposing his allegedly scientific and skeptical world-view on others. If you are curious about his other podcast, you can find it here.

Cody Parcell (Blue episodes) is a websited voice actor, audiobook producer, Twitch streamer and all around bad-ass. He is responsible for the onerous task of providing the podcast's in-studio laugh-track and self-congratulations. It's hard work but somebody's got to do it. Cody received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, which is why he is in charge of communicating the Questionnaise and Listener Suggested Scenes to us. The education shows. As if he hadn't already accumulated enough laurels upon which he might comfortably rest, he has also studied multiple disciplines of martial arts, taken lessons in violin, given lessons in stage combat, performed in local theater productions, acted as Master of Ceremonies for a major awards ceremony, and kicked some serious ass in League of Legends. Regardless, some people say he is a loser. (citation needed)

Jes Deprez (Red episodes) is the newest host on the podcast, filling in as the replacement brains of the outfit. She rocks a Curriculum Vitae that includes a Bachelors in Visual Design, and Associates in Fine Art, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences, as well as being exactly 50% of Danger:us, a preeminent improv duo here in Sacramento (and beyond)! If you are not on your toes, she may just corner you and talk about her widdle pupper while you age like you drank from the wrong grail. The only other possibility is she shares some of her baked goods with you… a real Sophie’s Choice. (Pop culture references are cool, right?) Follow her on instagram, if you want!


Jonathan Hansen (on sabbatical) is the brains of the outfit, and labors under the misapprehension that he can sing. Any casual listener will easily recognize his deeply keen understanding of history and not-at-all-fake cultural anthropology which he is able to expound upon with great facility. It's a small wonder that he hasn't yet been snatched up by some prestigious university somewhere to lecture as an honorable guest. He is currently working for The Man but still finds time to meticulously weave plots and innuendos together in a global schematic architecture of sublime evil genius. One day, World... one day... Jonathan is also an accomplished Dungeon Master (dice, not whips), barbecue master-in-training, and something else with the word "master" in it.