The Wasting ALL the Time Open Access Interview Series is an occasional special episode format that consists of one of the regular Co-Hosts (usually Jon) interviewing a fictional character (usually Dave) about their fictional concerns (usually silly). This is a longer format opportunity for us to delve a little deeper into characters and explore their potential motivations, as opposed to a 5 minute scene during a regular podcast episode. Some slight planning is done to prepare a rudimentary back-story and address the formal skeleton of the interview. Everything else is improvised as we record! If you have an idea for a guest character, feel free to contact us about it to be considered for a future episode.

Episode 1 - Paul Stacie

Jon sits down for the first ever Wasting ALL the Time Open Access Interview Series episode featuring Paul Stacie (David Paterson), owner of Stacie's Stick Ball Billiard Hall.

Episode 2 - Dr. Prof. Archibald Randall Sundrum & Edward Weatherby

This week, Jon interviews retired professor and astrophysicist Dr. Sundrum and his publisher/editor/damage-control agent Mr. Weatherby. The Doctor is writing a series of novels for children but they may need some adjustments for tone.

Episode 3 - Eric McDermott

This week Jon sits down with master event coordinator, Eric McDermott to discuss the exciting revitalization of small-town Lernersville through the introduction of the first ever Lernersville Lettuce Festival.

Episode 4 - Terrence "Falcon" Bradley

This week Jon sits down to chat with modern-day old-fashioned explorer, Terrence "Falcon" Bradley. Terrence is planning an expedition to walk from California to the North of Russia, crossing the Bering Strait. Somehow. Find out all about him (and hear from our "sponsors") in this ep!