Here are our episodes that break the regular format and/or are special holiday editions of the show

Episode 207 - The Honeymoon

This week Jon isn't there, Cody got married, Jenni got married, and Dave had a terrible idea. Also, the return of Casey... almost.

Episode 201 - Hella Festive, Bro

(Christmas 2016)

This week the annual studio Christmas party is interrupted by a grisly murder and Jon, Cody, and Dave must investigate with a little help from some... friends? Also, turkey wraps!

episode 193 - The tomb of horror

(Halloween 2016)

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Drowning Man Productions! This year we tell some more spooky and/or strange stories to set the holiday spirit and maybe make you laugh. Take a listen if you dare... to The Tomb of Horror!!!

Episode 187 - It's a Real Wheel!

(Drunk Episode 2016)

This week Sarah returns for our occasional Drunk episode! Sarah can't pick up the cup (it's too heavy), Dave is off to a great start, Cody is swinging his hammer until people are satisfied, and Jon is not a culture hero. Also, lots of extra laughing!

*Remember to drink responsibly and never drink & drive*

Episode 178 - A New American History

(American Independence Day 2016)

This week, the guys celebrate American Independence Day in the only way they know how... revealing the TRUE history of these United States. Jon presents the Jonathan Hansen Lecture Series: Lecture 1 - A New American History, Dave gives a failed speech, and Cody just wants to get to murdering. Also, tipples everywhere!

Episode 150 - Festivus Interruptus

(Christmas 2015)

This week the boys are settling in for a long Winter's studio party when they were rudely interrupted by a man with great name recognition. They are forced to abandon their own plans for a death-defying evening of shenanigans and whatnot! Also, "I am draMATically handsome!"

Episode 142 - Creep-Out Club

(Halloween 2015)

Let us tell you a story about a story where a story is told by a storyteller pertaining to three storytellers telling spooky stories to one another... until they realize their own stories are not what they thought! Jon, Cody, and Dave are a little preoccupied this Halloween, so enjoy the scary tale of a tale of a tale (etc.)!

Episode 126 - Portraits of Freedom: The Lincoln-Douglas Letters

(American Independence Day 2015)

On this special historical episode of the podcast we mark the 239th anniversary of American independence with a series of vignettes in answer to your own questions! Thanks to Will, Kell, and Gwen in particular for your submissions. [Approved for public release by NSA reviewer #76]

Episode 121 - How Do Puns Work?

(Drunk Episode 2015)

This week, on a very special episode of Wasting ALL the Time - A Podcast...
Dave gets drunk, Cody gets drunk, Jon gets drunk, and Sarah is several months sober. Also, remember to drink responsibly!

Episode 99 - Happy Popcorn!

(Christmas 2014)

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Drowning Man Productions! The Wasting ALL the Time - A Podcast's second annual studio Christmas party goes a little sideways in a vaguely miraculous way. 

Episode 91 - Xtreme Ghost Hunters HD

(Halloween 2014)

This week we "failed" to make our Halloween special so Jon recorded an Open Access Interview Series Interview with the Radnor Bros. Then, crazy happened and here is the result. Also, #RIPTed 

Episode 76 - Wasting ALL the FREE Time

(American Independence Day 2014)

This July week in American improv comedy independence, Cody is a patriot, Jon is a patriot, and Dave is similarly a patriot. Also, history comes alive in this thrilling reenactment of key moments in the formation of these United States of America. Happy Fourth of July!

Episode 66 - On the Run, Installment B

Another epic voicemail from Jon, chronicling his further adventures with Agent Paul. Also, Clownshead!

Episode 65 - The Escape, Pt. 1

Dave receives a really weird voicemail which may help explain Jon's absence last week. There's not really an "Also."

Episode 49 - Jawohl! Es ist der Weihnachtsgasm, Karl Braun!

(Christmas 2013)

The guys invite over some of our favorite friends in the spirit of harmony, togetherness, and fine vegan meats.

Episode 41 - Halloween '13

(Halloween 2013)

Weird episode this week. None of us remember recording it. Also... Well, you'll see.

Episode 25 - Long-Form Special #1: The Legend of Ho-Qin

In our first-ever long-form game, Cody, Dave and Jon spin a yarn about their expedition to find the lost city of Ho-Qin, the First Accountant.