Wasting ALL the Time (A.K.A. WAtT)

Wasting ALL the Time is a weekly improv comedy podcast hosted by David Paterson, Jonathan Hansen, and Cody Parcell. We started to podcast in 2013 to explore our interest in improv! Episodes come out every Thursday, and the format alternates weekly between "Red" episodes and "Blue" episodes:

Red Episodes

  • What Day is This? Dave consults the National Day Calendar to see what observances (official or... otherwise) fall on the day of the podcast's release. Then we play a scene inspired by the holiday. Actually, "holiday" may be too strong of a word...
  • What Have You Been Up To? We talk about what's been going on in our lives outside the podcast. Occasionally, this will be mined for a scene BECAUSE IT IS SO INTERESTING.
  • Fruitwards A WAtT original, Fruitwards is a game we play utilizing cards of two kinds and colors: red cards are nouns, and green cards are adjectives. Dave draws one card of each color, and we attempt to play a scene inspired by the result. Why is it called this? Well, it's words from cards with fruit on them. Also, Dave recorded a jingle that made it sound like a direction of travel. Now we spell it that way too. Fun!
  • Improv Game of the Week Jon chooses an improv game, and we try to play it. More often than not our selections are from the Improv Encyclopedia.
  • Cody's Words of Wisdom Cody graces(?) us with some bizarre, impromptu, stream-of-consciousness "guidance." Sobriety is optional.

Blue Episodes

  • What Day is This? Dave returns to the National Day Calendar to see what observances (official or... remember last week?) fall on the day of the podcast's release. We read what the calendar has to say and improvise a scene inspired by that info.
  • Twittershins Rapidballs We search out and respond to the top three tweets (as determined by Cody) on Twitter and then Jon and Dave provide their unique views on the tweet. Why is it called this? Because it's using Twitter and we just like the word widdershins.
  • Listener-Suggested Scenes If our listeners have suggested scenes for us to play, we attempt to do so now.
  • Questionnaise We answer any questions posed by our listeners. Our answers may not always be correct, but they will always be good. Why is it called this? It's a long story involving faux Spanish and a jar of mayonnaise. We'll spare you any more details...
  • What's Weird in the World? Jon reads a weird news story he found, and we play a scene inspired by it.

The Open Access Interview Series

The Wasting ALL the Time Open Access Interview Series is an occasional special episode format that consists of one of the regular Co-Hosts (usually Jon) interviewing a fictional character (usually Dave) about their fictional concerns (usually silly). This is a longer format opportunity for us to delve a little deeper into characters and explore their potential motivations, as opposed to a 5 minute scene during a regular podcast episode. Some slight planning is done to prepare a rudimentary back-story and address the formal skeleton of the interview. Everything else is improvised as we record! If you have an idea for a guest character, feel free to contact us about it to be considered for a future episode.