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Episode 161 - The El Grandify-o Event

This week Cody recommends inflatable rubber clothing, Jon is the Guardian of the Sacred Treasure of Juan-Tee, and Dave is supposed to fight the Demon-Panda of Antioch. Also, a little bit of the odd.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 - Cold Open

0:02:43 - What Day is This?: National Mario Day

0:15:08 - What Have You Been Up To?: Minecraft update, No Man's Sky anticipation, job search, D&D, Heroes of the Storm, making Canadian friends, Con Season, etc.

0:25:00 - Fruitwards: Simultaneous Treasures

0:34:44 - Improv Game of the Week: TV News

0:46:39 - Cody's Words of Wisdom

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