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Episode 187 - It's a Real Wheel!

This week Sarah returns for our occasional Drunk episode! Sarah can't pick up the cup (it's too heavy), Dave is off to a great start, Cody is swinging his hammer until people are satisfied, and Jon is not a culture hero. Also, lots of extra laughing!

*Remember to drink responsibly and never drink & drive*

Show Notes:

00:00:00 - Cold Open

00:04:28 - What Have You Been Up To?: Jack Jackson (seriously, check it out), Japanese translation, Stardew Valley, Pathfinder, No Man's Sky, new job, Phoenix Dawn Command, etc.

00:08:58 - Walkout: "Mom's Birthday Casserole"

00:15:43 - New Choice: "A Metal Petal Settlement"

00:23:10 - Doing Lines: "The Company BBQ"

00:35:10 - Directorial Styles: "I Just Need More Time"

00:48:41 - Press Conference: "The Old Woman and the Reactor"

00:56:16 - Everybody's Words of Wisdom

01:02:08 - Wrap up!

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