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Episode 236 - Aliens, Too: The Alienating

This week Dave tells us all about diatomaceous earth, Jon tells us all about a Guinness folk tale, and Cody tells us all about his mantra from high school. Also, can you guess how many jelly beans are in this episode?

Show Notes:

00:00 - Cold Open

03:30 - What Day is This?: National Diatomaceous Earth Day

16:02 - Twittershins Rapid Balls

21:20 - Listener Suggested Scenes: "Movie Trailer" from Will, "Folk Tale" from Will (Also see:Esporanzo's Dream)

33:42 - Questionnaise: from Unknown Caller and Gary in Natomas (Master of Divinity)

40:16 - What's Weird in the World?: Antarctic Fruitcakes

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