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Episode 305 - The Free-Fall Method

This week Dave is digging up the past, Casey had two, Jon is coaching villains back to work, and Matt has done one thing right. Also, I don't know if you understand how stressful it is to have this much money!

Show Notes:

00:10 - Cold Open

03:04 - Twittershins Rapidballs

08:45 - What Have You Been Up To?: Hockey, escape rooms, whiskey, work, fatherhood, concerts, entrepeneurship, helping Grandma move, work, travel, Minecraft, etc.

12:35 - Fruitwards: Overbooked Philanthropy, Slimy Doctors

22:03 - CONTACT US!

23:39 - Improv Game of the Week: Conference Call

39:45 - Matt's Words of Wisdom

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