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Making our 2017 Top Ten!


We need your help! Below you can find all of the scenes that our listeners thought should be considered for the Best Scene of the Year status! Now that they've all been nominated, we need to whittle it down to the Top Ten and here's how we're going to do it: Listen to the scenes (or not) and then leave a comment on this blog post telling us which three scenes are your GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE choices. We will take that information and distill it into the Top Ten Scenes of Twenty Seventeens! THANK YOU!!

From Episode 205: The very first time we played our improv game called "Conference Call." An astronaut calls to Earth with some troubling news.

From Episode 207: Cody and Jenni got married this year and Dave met up with them on their honeymoon to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This is the cold open to that episode wherein Jon realizes what has happened.

From Episode 207: Dave ambushes Cody and Jenni on their honeymoon dinner at a fancy french restaurant. Guest starring Casey as a very French waiter!

From Episode 207: Jenni wants to get her wand from Olivander's shop but is that really Olivander (or Dave!)?

From Episode 209: Animals may or may not be escaping from the zoo but people sure want to call in to report sightings! This is from a "What's Weird in the World?" segment.

From Episode 210: This is the very first time we played our improv game "911: What's Your Emergency?" First Dave is the operator, then Cody takes a turn.

From Episode 213: A listener asked us to perform a day in the life of Merriam Webster... so we did! Dave is he.

From Episode 213: Items in a refrigerator discuss the comings and goings of other foodstuffs and reflect on their own fate. There is crying.

From Episode 220: One of our Fruitwards selections was "Unexpected War." The following scene is set in a daycare center.

From Episode 220: We played one of our favorite improv games; "New Choice." In this scene, our guest Mike Bowles is reporting back to Dave about a military excursion.

From Episode 220: We played the improv game "New Choice" and in this scene, Cody has some termites that need exterminating. Dave is there to... help?

From Episode 230: A listener suggested we do a scene about sentient alligators. Our guest Jeremy Brint helped bring it to life!

From Episode 230: Our "What's Weird in the World?" segment was about a rock formation that got damaged. This scene is sort of related to that!

From Episode 231: We played "911: What's Your Emergency?" again and had a blast! Dave is the operator for these calls.

From Episode 232: When we checked the calendar for "What Day Is This?:, we found out that it was National Grab Some Nuts Day. We couldn't let that go unobserved!

From Episode 236: A listener suggested we improvise a movie trailer, so we did! Dave made it fancy in post production.

From Episode 239: Fruitwards made us do a scene about an Intoxicated Robot. Dave's the 'bot!

From Episode 240: Jon described a time traveling drunkard as part of his "What's Weird in the World?" segment so we improvised our own version. Casey was our guest police officer.

From Episode 241: Our guest Jacob Keller visited us from Los Angeles in order to direct us in the improv game "Directorial Styles." Jon is trying to order coffee from Dave. ACTION!!

From Episode 246: Fruitwards taught us that dreams can be deadly... but maybe not so much when Dave is running the show!

From Episode 246: Dave and Jon are shopping for castles. Cody is in the position of trying to sell one. From the Fruitwards prompt: "Uninhibited Domain."

From Episode 248: The guys take a stab at creating new and interesting mousses (mices?). Our guest Casey Parcell has the best of the bunch!

Just in case you've forgotten by the time you're down this far, leave a comment telling us which of the above scenes are your GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE choices! Thank you!

Thank you for a great year!

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