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TimeWasteStore on Zazzle!!

Hellooo!! We are excited to announce that Drowning Man Productions (we) have an online store for podcast-related merchandise! It is being run through Zazzle and we have a link to it under the "SUPPORT US!" tab of the navigation bar.

In the store right now are shirts, mugs, stickers, buttons, magnets, bags, clocks, and more made with graphics we've had made for us over the years. If you would like some coasters with our logo on them (for example), you can buy them there! We will be working to get even more custom designs up soon, like a "Snap Dog Soda Pop" thing or perhaps an "Otis Redding, competitive dog-washer" something-or-other. If you have any ideas for what you'd like to buy, let us know!

Every purchase made helps us continue to make the show ~AND~ we're very pleased that a portion of each sale goes to the artists who designed our graphics. We love our people. We have the best people. They're the greatest. SO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!

Patreon Launch!

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