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The Best of 2018?


We need your help! Below you can find all of the scenes that our listeners thought should be considered for the Best Scene of the Year status! Now that they've all been nominated, we need to whittle it down to the Top Ten and here's how we're going to do it: Listen to the scenes (or not) and then leave a comment on this blog post telling us which three scenes are your GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE choices. We will take that information and distill it into the Top Ten Scenes of Twenty Eighteens! THANK YOU!!

From Episode 254: Cody is going around with a very strange picture in order to collect a library of laughs. It’s weird.

From Episode 255: Featuring Kameron, Seth, and Jeremy as our guests, this scene is Jon and Dave sneaking into Vladimir Putin’s party in order to steal some secret documents. They have several near misses!

From Episode 257: Jon explains the difference between sweet gains and bitter gains. Need we say more?

From Episode 268: Reprising their roles as Billy and Harvey the Horse, Dave and Jon travel through Horseland to find Manny the Gumdrop who has been stirring up trouble. Classic Horseland shenanigans!

From Episode 260: Featuring our guest Mike, this daytime talk show features a cooking segment with an Australian Dave showing off what can be done with Masterbuilt cooking tools. Jon and Cody are audience members.

From Episode 260 (again): Having never seen HBO’s The Sopranos, Jon, Cody, Dave, and guest Mike decide to be choir sopranos as mobsters scheming to take down the alto section. Great jokes for singers, silliness for everyone else.

From Episode 261: Jon is asking about sexy pies and Dave is providing the best customer service he can.

From Episode 268: With guests Sarah and Kameron, Jon leads a nature walk into the depraved forest of naughty animals.

From Episode 270: The guys are coming up with inspirational quotes and sayings. Jon tops them all right away.

From Episode 271: Jon and Dave try to compose a new and unexpected ode.

From Episode 271 (again): First time playing a new improv game, Jon directs his servant Dave to go electrocute himself and report back his findings. Dave works on a compromise.

From Episode 273: Dave is a doctor who needs to get his patient (Jon) to laugh for his health.

From Episode 276: This end-of-the-episode Easter egg was an overly dramatic Facebook post that Cody wrote about being sick that Dave then recorded and scored in order to make it the most dramatic it could ever hope to be.

From Episode 277: Based on an actual news story about a stinky train, Jon, Cody, and Dave play kids scheming to rid their town of the smell.

From Episode 278 (our Independence Day special): Dave and Cody play a couple presidents and Jon is Ben Franklin in this time travelling scene.

From Episode 279: Will is our guest. Dave is a bored God. Jon is a frustrated Lucifer. Cody assists.

From the first episode of the Dave & Cody Show: Dave and Cody attempt to play the Alphabet Game in 60 seconds. It takes a loooong time for them to get it right.

From Episode 280: Dave gives Jon a stern talking to. Will is our guest. Cody is laughing.

From Episode 280 (again): Based on an actual news story about failed criminal acts being reported to police by would-be perpetrators. Will is our guest law enforcer.

From Episode 282: An ill-thought-out marketing scheme works against the business and too well. Dave and Cody panic, calling in the secret weapon (Jon) to deal with it.

From Episode 283: A family says Grace before beginning their meal. Jon, Cody, Dave, and guest Jenni offer their thanks.

From Episode 290: Just a bunch of dudes participating in an underground rap battle. Brooks is our guest MC.

From Episode 295: A listener suggested scene has the guys coming up with slogans and catchphrases for various products and brands. Dave threw some stock music underneath for added effect.

From our first Live show: The guys play one of their favorite improv games ever, 911: What’s Your Emergency?

Just in case you've forgotten by the time you're down this far, leave a comment telling us which of the above scenes are your GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE choices! Thank you!

Thank you for a great year!