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Last Century... Ep. 70

On May 22nd, 2014, we released another "reserve" episode that was titled Ep. 70 - The Sharket. Obviously, May was a difficult month for us to schedule recordings. 

The cold open was us discussing how to handle the dated intro song for that episode. 

For What Have You Been Up To? Jon pretended that we were once again dead (hence the need for a reserve ep). I was hoping that we would share fantastic stories about how we had died, but we didn't discuss that ahead of time and wires were crossed so it didn't happen. Instead, I complained about Ted the Intern. 

Jon cried through the Fruitwards introduction. The cards ended up being: Expensive High School Reunions, Exquisite Body Surfing, Unhealthy Cigarette Burns, and Twisted Judge Judy.

The Improv Game of the Week was Pissing Contest! We told stories about doing good deeds.

I forced Jon into doing the Words of Wisdom this week... he talked about mushrooms in the bedchamber and other things.

All in all I'd say the show was a typical one for the time period (a little slow but with some good moments) but for me, my favorite scene from this episode was:

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