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A Shovel Museum!

It's been quite a while since I left the studios at Drowning Man Productions. Cody had been working on having me set up a shovel museum "for posterity." In it he had me collect all of the shovels he's used over the years to save various days and segments of populations. He's got the 1952 Gandy that Santa Claus gave him last Christmas (that was used to brutally beat the magical life out of Evil Santa), the Ames Company Long Wood Handle Round Point Shovel that he used to utterly destroy some zombies and other assorted undead last Halloween, the Nupla 72022 Square Point Mud Shovel that helped clear the rubble when our studio was demolished the year before that, and lots of other scoops, trowels, and spades that have figured prominently in Cody's life. There's one shovel that wasn't accounted for, however. The Craftsman Wooden Handle Digging Shovel with 14-gauge heavy duty steel blade and trusty ash wood handle was NOT in the museum. It was last seen piercing the heart(?) of Magnus, the terrible three-headed chicken beast that guards the legendary lost city of Ho-Qin, the First Accountant. If you've never heard of it, you can listen to the guys tell the tale here. Cody distinctly remembered bringing it back home but it was nowhere to be found... memory sure is fallible! 
Well... guess where I've been the past month and a half?
It wasn't as hard to find as I had thought it might be. The guys' recollections about how to get there were not too far off and whenever the trail got hard to follow, the local population was eager to fill in the details. Turns out the events of that day left a bit of an impression on people! Anyhow, I found the lost city with its wall of fire and ice (wasn't active) and located the desiccated scaly remains of Magnus (the ultra-low humidity in the caves seemed to be mummifying the remains somewhat). There lay the Craftsman right between the corpse and an old giant eggshell! That's to say, I saw several old giant eggshells around the place but the shovel was between Magnus and the nearest eggshell. I grabbed the implement of wonder and headed back toward the entrance. Did I hear low gurgles and hair-raising scratching noises? Yup! As I neared the secret stone portal I could sense the presence of other entities closing in from the shadows. I grabbed fistsfull of dried corn and chicken scratch out of my satchel and flung the tasty morsels into the darkness. I never saw anything clearly but was able to exit the city unmolested, which probably wouldn't have happened without those precautions. Long story short, I'm back and the museum is complete! I'm sure we'll keep it curated as time goes on and more mighty digging tools are put to unorthodox uses. 
In other news, Dave's vampire koalas are dead. Dave says Will killed them on secret orders from Jon... something about eight magic wolves are more than enough animals to be keeping in a "not-a-freaking-zoo." I'm a little bummed about that but I'll just direct that energy into my next project! I can't say what it is yet, but you'll hear about it in the not-too-distant future! 

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