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Last Century... Ep. 68

100 episodes ago was Ep. 68 - Missing Time featuring Jon, Cody, and Dave recorded for May 8th, 2014. I think it was a "reserve" episode (one that we record to release whenever we can't make a normally scheduled recording) because it began with a cold opening that I remember setting aside from an early episode for later use and the "What Have You Been Up To?" segment is filled with obviously fictional activities. This episode also features a scene inspired by conversation, instead of a deliberate segment-based scene, which doesn't happen often. 

The Fruitwards introduction was shouted in this episode. The selections were Mysterious Hairballs and Silly Darth Vader.

The Improv Game of the Week introduction was an hilarious bit where Dave and Cody try to talk to each other while Jon introduces the segment. The game was Last Letter Scene.

There was a Listener Suggested Scene this week from Heather. It was about the writers of a television soap opera work-shopping an alien plot-line. 

Cody's Words of Wisdom were confusing and confounding... because I did that segment for some reason.

SO! From Ep. 68 - Missing Time, here is my selected scene:



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