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Last Century... Ep. 69

100 episodes ago was Ep. 69 - Super Mega Ginseng Adventure -- GO! for May 14th, 2014. This episode was the first time that Cody and I recorded an episode by ourselves. Jon was unable to record that week and we were unable to get a guest to take his place. It was scary! What would happen?! As I recall, this is one of the few episodes that we recorded in the garage of Cody's own house. If I'm not wrong, there was a really obnoxious compressor of some sort for an appliance of some sort that made a harsh buzzing noise of some sort that ruined our recording flow of some sort for some reason. Because of the various background noises besides the compressor, I can hear I used an aggressive noise removal tool in the editing. We didn't record in the garage many times. 

The cold open was Cody and me playing around with a sound effect app that he had on his phone. We improvised a parody of mindless morning radio shows, the introduction of "Phil & Phil in the Morning." This cold open ended up being featured on our end-of-the-year wrap-up episode as our favorite cold opening.

We kicked off the episode proper by breaking the news of Jon's absence, reading some listener feedback, and What Have You Been Up To?

Fruitwards cards were: Sweet Ginseng, Dreamy Top of a Roller Coaster, Smart Noisy Neighbors, and Miserable David Letterman.

The Listener Suggested Scene was from Will and it was a really long scene that wasn't as fun as maybe we could've made it... it was a couple guys trying to design an overly complicated board game. 

The Improv Game of the Week was the Last Letter Game. 

We had a Questionnaise from Will. He wanted to know about the truthiness of the number 11. After we answered that (in a long-winded way) Cody spewed out some Words of Wisdom and we all went home. Well, I went home. Cody was already at home. 

SO! My favorite scene from this episode remains... 

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