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Last Century... Ep. 71

Welcome back to Last Century! This week we released episode 171 so let's take a look back to Ep. 71 - The Evil Geniuses Without Borders Association. This episode kicks off with a long-ish cold opening with some fun random banter that happened before we began the official session. Someone let a "thyme" joke happen. We're sorry. 

We had a brainstorming session to come up with other names for the former Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, discussed how hot balls should be, talked about Cody's new Frankenstein hobby building and painting people (only to send them to battle), engaged with the topic of new meteor showers, listened to an historical recording of Mike Napoleon the cheesemaker, heard a story about a cast party tattoo, and Jon bragged about grilling. 

The Fruitwards cards were irritating baked beans, violent family reunions, desperate Wheel of Fortune, and technological angry hornets.

The Improv Game of the Week was Doing Lines. 

Questionnaise were from Brent, Brent, and Brent. Also, Sarah!

Cody delivered some Words of Wisdom at my emotional request.

This episode was recorded at Cody's dining table using Studio Project B1 condenser microphones. It was a hot day and we had to turn on the air conditioner which was noisy. Therefore the last third or so of the episode had a noise cancellation filter applied to it which kind of messed up the audio a bit. I always hate having to use noise reduction tools. It rarely works well.

Then Jon read a random piece of paper on the table. That's the Easter Egg!

And now... from the Improv Game of the Week, here is my selected scene for Ep. 71. I call it: Otter Nonsense!

If you enjoyed this post let me know! Next week I'll look back on Ep. 72 - Your Dukeliness.

Last Century... Ep. 72

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