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Last Century... Ep. 72

Well, well, well... time for another look back at 100 episodes ago! This week we're listening back to Ep. 72 - Your Dukeliness. Jon begins by explaining that the Geneva Conventions proscribes our time-wasting efforts. He also points out that if you want to see us prosecuted for war crimes, you should rate and review the podcast on iTunes to make us popular enough to go after. 

In What Have You Been Up To? I explained my genius method to getting Adobe Premier Elements for super cheap and unveiled our Wright Industries poster for Jon and Cody. (By the way, if you would like a free Wright Industries poster, just send us a message through the General Contact form and we will send you the file!) Jon sang in a Brahms concert, became a Cantor, and tried to relax. This was a rare moment of a scene inspired by a WHYBUT? segment. Do you like it when we do that or would you rather we just get through the info and move on? Let us know in the comments. Cody reported back about the renn faire he went to, returned to jujitsu training, and his other ongoing hobbies. 

Jon did an amazing devil voice to introduce Fruitwards! The cards were "manly graffiti," "snappy sports channels," "sharp goldfish," "adorable Danielle Steel," "fresh first man on the moon," "cold the renaissance," and "chewy black holes." Most of them were not used for a scene because things started to suck.

The Improv Game of the Week was Evil Stick of Gum. We set the scene as an interview with a children's book author. Jon was the interviewer, I was the author, and Cody was the gum.

Our Questionnaise were:

"If normal physics follows mathematical laws and our understanding of quantum physics is constructed mostly by using mathematical equations, why doesn't physics on the quantum level behave like normal physics?" -- Listener Heather

"Question: What measures are in place in the podcast to make sure time is wasted and not well spent?" --Will Reed

Cody wrapped up the episode with some of his patented Words of Wisdom (that needed a slight correction).

Well, that does it for this week! My favorite part of this episode was actually one of the "easter eggs" at the end where Jon explains that a dying Steve Jobs's last words were to make sure our podcast never became popular. So here is that!

Remember, if you are at all enjoying this feature, let me know!

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