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Last Century... Ep. 73

This week I'm going to listen to Ep. 73 - Marmoset Day. I began this ep with an unnecessary apology for sound quality because we used to record right next to the air conditioning unit. Yeah, it sounds different. Yeah, it's not great. No, it probably didn't need to be called out before it even started. Whatevs. This was the first appearance of fan and most frequent guest, Will Reed! This episode begins with a not un-typical scrambled beginning segment, followed by Will introducing himself. We talked about the Women in Science LEGO sets and the Brick Breakdown segment on the All Us Geeks podcast.

Jon kicked off the Fruitwards segment with a particularly obnoxious (and hilarious) reading of the rules. The cards were "playful my personality" (which inspired a fun scene about a light-hearted hostage negotiator), "dysfunctional scene of the crime," "clueless amputations."

The Improv Game of the Week was Voices From Heaven! Jon played a gourmand, Cody played a radio DJ, I was a zookeeper, and Will was a general contractor. It is... a strange scene involving cannibalism, zoo shenanigans, and dancing.

Our Questionnaise was from Will who wanted to know "What are your favorite ways to collect answers?"

Cody punctuated the episode with some of his Words of Wisdom. Just for fun, here's what they looked like:

Brothers and sisters, now you may be thinkin' 'where are my scrambled eggs?' Well, your scrambled eggs are inside your butter. Look inside your refrigerator, brothers and sisters! Look inside your marmoset hearts! They will squeeze their juices upon your eyelashes. Have you felt them? Have you felt them tickle your universe? Well, I'm here to tell you, siblings and aunts, that you cannot, in fact, climb that ladder for $19.95. [AMEN!] Have you ever had a splinter in your nostril, son? Oh, it's the devil's splinter! [MERCY! HALLELUJAH! Yay.] You have gotten radio waves from Jupiter. And look at both of them, they reflect back and forth like Jesus on a pond. Every single feather that you hold is one more feather that flies you back downwards into the elevator shaft! [PRAISE THE LORD! MARMOSETS!] Look inside your mixing bowl. Is it glass? Is it yellow? Can it hold your dreams... But if it cannot, I suggest that you raise your hands to the floor and press each button that you find beneath the fourth step. Because only then! Only then will all the buttons on your shirt turn to glue. And only then can the true taste of outside make it's way... through... your fingernails. [Amen.]  

Well, now that that is out of the way, here's my favorite scene from this episode. It was the second Fruitwards scene. I call it, Travellin' Bunions! 

Call for Scenes: July 4, 2016

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