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Last Century... Ep. 74

Welcome back to Last Century… This week I listened to Ep. 74 - The Vinnie Jones Method which had Jay Patrick as our guest. In the cold opening we talked a little about how popular podcasters are. Jay is an actor in the Sacramento area that all three of us have performed with at one time or another. A funny guy! He most recently joined us on Ep. 156.

Our What Have You Been Up To? segment extensively covered our amazing lives of intrigue!

Our Fruitwards cards were: Woebegone Cinco de Mayo, Brilliant Schindler’s List, Annoying Cher, and Dirty VW Beetles.

The Improv Game of the Week was One-Up (Pissing Contest). Jon told the tale of having his car repaired by Cher, Cody shared his experience hanging out with Robert Downey Jr. on a movie set, I bragged about catering for the President on his vacation and becoming best buds, and Jay pointedly circled back to One-Up Jon’s Cher story in a very direct way.

Our Questionnaise were: 

"Question: So, I was abducted by aliens (as normal) and I realized that their various methods of probing were a bit boring. So my question is, what can they do to make the invasive process of exploring human anatomy more interesting?"
"Which primary color would win in a fight?"
"Question: What are the key elements that make up a great catch-phrase?"

There was talk about Vinnie Jones.

Cody did his Words of Wisdom.

Life was good.

Here is what I thought was the best moment from this episode. A brief Fruitwards scene with a song in it:

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